Multicalendar MMXX

The first calendar printed on synthetic paper in screen printing technology to ensure multi-age will be able to be reused in 2048, 2076, 2116 and then every +28 years.

The substrate is Polyart synthetic paper, finished on both sides with a special matt coating that gives it a unique smooth feel. Weight 285g/m2.

What's important - thanks to the revolutionary synthetic paper, Multicalendar MMXX is almost indestructible.

To achieve perfection of details printed in Pantone paints in RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

Format 100x70 cm (39.37 x 27.55 in)

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  • CONTAINS- Seasons
    - Lunar Calendar
    - Seasonal Sun Exposure
    - Gregorian Calendar
    • Earth - The Moon
    • Inner Solar System
    • Outer Solar System
    • The Nearest Stars
    • Milky Way Galaxy
    • Local Galaxy Group
    • Leap shifting of the Gregorian Calendar
Multicalendar MMXX
Multicalendar MMXX
Multicalendar MMXX