Multicalendar 2014

The calendar printed in screen printing technology to ensure longevity, you can re-use it in 2025, 2031, 2042 and further every +11, +6, +11 years. It was based on a grid called the flower of life.

CHROMOLUX METALLIC paper is a creative carton coated with a cast method (cast mirror characteristic) with an extremely smooth surface and weight 250g/m2. Plack paint.

Format 100x70 cm (39.37 x 27.55 in)

Out of print.

    - Gregorian calendar
    - Zodiac
    - Moon phase
  • THE EXTERNAL CIRCLE- Partial eclipse of the Sun
    - Lights of cities of the world
    - Volcanoes (fire)
    - Ocean currents (water)
    - Constellation map of the Northern hemispher
    - Plate tectonics (earth)
    - Atmospheric circulation (air)
  • THE INTERNAL CIRCLE- Dodecahedron (soul)
    - Tetrahedron (fire)
    - Icosahedron (water)
    - metatron (archanioł)
    - hexahedron (ziemia)
    - octahedron (powietrze)
    - Plato's blocks on venedi grids
Multicalendar 2014
Multicalendar 2014
Multicalendar 2014