Multicalendar 2016

Texquisite piece of art designed to last for generations. Printed on transparent polyester film using screen printing technology, this calendar is a true masterpiece that reflects the timeless nature of its design. The luminescent layer applied to the black and white print glows at night, adding an otherworldly touch to the already impressive design.

The substrate is made of PET-GAG film, which is environmentally friendly and provides excellent color reproduction. You can use this calendar year after year, and it will last for a long time. Reuse it in 2044, 2072, 2012, and then every 28 years.

To complete the set, we have added yellow paper. The transparency of the film allows you to adjust the substrate to the interior, making it perfect for any space.

This calendar contains all the essential features you need to plan your year, including the Gregorian calendar, moon phases, and seasons. Additionally, it includes the zodiac constellations and the full orbit time of Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. The symbol of the sun is also featured prominently, making this calendar an ideal choice for anyone looking to connect with the cycles of nature.

Format 100x70 cm (39.37 x 27.55 in)

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  • CONTAINS- Seasons
    - Gregorian calendar
    - Moon phases
    - Zodiac constellations
    - Full orbit time
    • Mars (687 days)
    • Ziemia (365 days)
    • Wenus (225 days)
    • Mercury (88 days)
    - The symbol of the Sun
Multicalendar 2016
Multicalendar 2016
Multicalendar 2016
Multicalendar 2016
Multicalendar 2016