Multicalendar 2021

The motive of this year's edition is Ancient Egypt. With the Multicalendar 2021 you will take an inspiring journey through the calendars of the old and new Egyptian kingdom, as well as the currently used Coptic calendar. All of them have been carefully adjusted to the lunar calendar, as well as the Gregorian calendar used around the world.

Thanks to Multicalendar 2021, you will get to know the pantheon of Egyptian gods with their most popular symbols. You will learn where the ancient Egyptian architects lived and worked wonders, and many other information waiting to be discovered.

Printed on paper to ensure longevity, it will be reusable in 2027 and thereafter every +11, +11, +6 years.

The substrate is IQ Selection paper without wood, a paper with high whiteness and a unique, smooth surface. Weight 250g / m2.

To achieve the perfection of details, printed with a hybrid method, combine digital printing (EPSON 9900 with Ultrachrome HDR pigments) with screen printing.

Format 100x70 cm (39.37 x 27.55 in)

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  • CONTAINS- Gregorian Seasons
    - Gregorian Calendar
    - Lunar Calendar
    - Days of the Egyptian Calendar
    • Hieroglyphs of the Old Kingdom
    • Days of the New Kingdom
    • Meaning of the name

    - Egyptian months
    • New Kingdom Months
    • English Translation
    • Coptic

    - Egyptian Seasons
    • Hieroglyphs of the Old Kingdom
    • New Kingdom Seasons
    • English translation
    • Meaning of the name

    - Nile and its delta
    - Ancient wonders of architecture
    - History of Egypt
    - Symbols of Ancient Egypt
    - Gods of Ancient Egypt
    - Rosetta Stone
Multicalendar 2021
Multicalendar 2021
Multicalendar 2021
Multicalendar 2021