Multicalendar 2022

The date of equinoxes and solstices on Earth, commonly known as seasons, is the first information in the newest Multicalendar. The Gregorian Calendar 2022 could not be missing, compared to the oldest calendar still in use in the world (Guinness World Records) Hebrew calendar. Western civilization count 2022 years from the birth of Jesus, Jewish will celebrate breakthrough 5782 to 83 from the creation of Adam and Eve. Between the calendars are the moon phases of the Lunar calendar.

Determined by the rabbis the new day begins at the moment when the sun hide below the horizon. This is the reason why all Jewish holidays begin in the evening before the first day of celebration. In fact, according to the Jewish count of time, the evening before the day is indeed the beginning of the new calendar day. The holidays of Judaism are another information available in the Multicalendar.

In Western civilizations, daylight hours are surrounded by night hours, the Jewish day begins at night and ends with the day. The time of sunrise and sunset in Jerusalem UTC +2 and in the Jewish perspective of looking at the clock is another piece of information visualized in M2022.

Inside, we see a visualization of the Star of David symbol, also known as Magen David. It is the most famous symbol of Judaism. The illustration was built on the Flower of Life grid.

Printed with screen printing method on a natural woven surface and a palette from deepest black to pastel shades enhance the shimmering metallic luster of Curious Metallics Electric Blue color. Weight 300g / m2.

Printed on this great paper to ensure longevity, the Gregorian calendar will be reusable in 2033 and thereafter every +6, +11, +11 years.

Format 100x70 cm (39.37 x 27.55 in)

Hand-signed and numbered limited edition of 50 pieces.

Still available, please feel free to purchase.

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  • CONTAINS- Seasons
    - Gregorian Calendar
    - Lunar Calendar
    - Hebrew Calendar
    - Jewish Holidays
    - Sunrise and sunset time
    - Star of David
Multicalendar 2022
Multicalendar 2022
Multicalendar 2022
Multicalendar 2022
Multicalendar 2022